10 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Written By Denver Men's Health Group on October 26, 2018

To some, it might sound silly, but there are few things more tragic in a man’s life than erectile dysfunction. 

The treatments are well-known, but what are the causes. We’ve got you covered in this blog.

There are More Causes for ED Than You Might Think

Among the causes for ED, some are obvious while other are quite surprising. Not all of them can be prevented, but many can. 

Nonetheless, education is the first line of defense:

1. Alcohol 

Alcohol, like other kinds of drugs, can greatly damage blood vessels, including those in your penis. This can be temporary, but over time it can become permanent. 

2. Smoking

Like alcohol, smoking messes with your blood vessels and makes it harder for blood to flow through your penis. While lungs are nicotine’s primary target, the rest of your body isn’t safe, either.

3. Depression/Anxiety

Just as your brain causes the penis to become erect in the first place, problems with the brain, such as depression and anxiety, can prevent an erection from occurring.

4. Medications

Medications notoriously come with a slew of side effects, which often includes ED. This is because they can alter nerve impulses or blood flow, both of which are necessary for an erection. 

5. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects primarily the heart, but the heart happens to be the Grand Central Station for your body’s blood flow. As such, high blood pressure can have an indirect, yet powerful influence on the penis’ ability to attain proper blood flow. 

6. Diabetes

According to a recent study, over half of the men who have diabetes also experience ED. This is because the elevated level of blood glucose caused by diabetes happens to damage blood vessels. 

7. Obesity

Erectile dysfunction can be a result of the many problems caused by Obesity, which includes heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. Getting to a healthy weight is a must.

8. Multiple Sclerosis

As with other types of chronic neurological diseases, Multiple Sclerosis can muddy the nerve signals between the brain and the penis. 

9. Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease results in a curved erection, which causes pain. To prevent this pain, the body might halt the production of erections indefinitely. 

10. Kidney Disease

ED is three-times more likely for men who have Kidney Disease. This is because the disease can affect blood circulation, which, in turn, affects the penis.

Knowledge Can Save You From Erectile Dysfunction

ED treatment begins with figuring out the root cause.

Now that you know the many things that can cause ED, the visit with your doctor will go more smoothly. After all, knowledge is power. 

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