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What is the Best Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease?

Going to the doctor can be difficult for some men. It involves a certain level of vulnerability that can make men uncomfortable.

This is especially true for conditions involving the penis, such as Peyronie’s disease. However, men should know that there are treatments, some of which are more effective than others.

Here’s everything you should know about Peyronie’s disease and your treatment options.

What is Peyronie’s Disease and How Do You Get It?

Peyronie’s Disease, also known as PD, is a condition that occurs when your penis begins to develop scar tissue and plaque underneath the skin. This causes it to bend or curve once it’s erect, which can be painful and result in sexual dysfunction.

This condition has a few causes, such as genetics, physical trauma or penile injection. There can be other causes, but these are the most common. Although cases can vary in seriousness, Peyronie’s Disease affects between 5% to 10% of men. If you think you might have it, symptoms include penis shortening, lumps and pain, among others.

What is the Best Peyronie’s Disease Treatment?

In the past, treatments for Peyronie’s Disease have been sparse, but there’s a new player in town. That would be GAINSWave®, a shockwave therapy.

According to research, GAINSWave® is as effective a solution for PD as it is safe. Not only does it reduce the pain of Peyronie’s Disease, but it removes the scar tissue and plaque that result in PD in the first place.

Is There a Connection Between Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Disfunction?man with peyronie's disease

While Peyronie’s Disease is most apparent by the penis’ bent shape when erect, it can actually cause pain without an erection. In fact, erectile dysfunction is known to arise in patients with PD, as it’s the body’s way to defend itself against pain.

Therefore, the cause for erectile dysfunction might be as simple as PD, which can be treated with GAINSWave®. This way, you can solve both problems at the same time.

GAINSWave® is Your Best Option for Treating Peyronie’s Disease

If you think you might have Peyronie’s Disease or erectile dysfunction, see your doctor immediately about GAINSWave®.

Not only is it an effective method, but it beats oral medications by a mile, as it doesn’t come with strange chemicals and a laundry list of side effects.

Now that you know your options, the rest is up to you.

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