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A Breakthrough Solution for Men

Seeking Better Erections & Optimal Sexual Performance

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Having Problems in the Bedroom?

Problems in the bedroom are common as men age, and can be not only frustrating but embarrassing. GAINSWave® provides a breakthrough solution for any man seeking better erection quality and optimal sexual performance.

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Welcome to Denver Men’s Health Group.

Our mission is to provide our patients with the best possible solutions to their erectile dysfunction.
At DMGH we understand the life-changing effects of ED, not just the individual physical and emotional consequences but those that can have a significantly detrimental affect personal self esteem as well as our most important intimate relationships.
We utilize the Gainswave treatment protocol for our patients to provide a natural non-pharmaceutical solution to ED, not just a temporary patch.
With over 15 years of successful results back up my numerous peer reviewed journal studies, low intensity shockwave therapy has been proven to provide successful treatment for erectile dysfunction. At DMHG we use the Gainswave procedure along with the addition of PRP therapy to provide our patients the most cutting edge treatment.
With these 2 procedures men across the globe have seen tremendous success - and we want that for you!!

Our Testimonials

Ronald S.

"Last year I had a bit of a down period, I was not having any fun anymore, and I noticed I was losing it. [Then I had the GAINSWave®] and the results were staggering."

John B.

“Due to ED, I have not been sexually active in over 5 years. Oral ED medications did not work for me.Now after getting the GAINSWave®, I feel confident that I can be spontaneous and enjoy my relationship with my wife again. It’s not very often you get a second chance to start over at my age, and I'm grateful for GAINSWave® therapy.”

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Thomas W.

“I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I am with the results of the GAINSWave®. I had the treatment, and I noticed a difference making love to my wife that very night!”

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